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Szechuan Pepper - Organic, Whole, Asian Spice - CynCraft

Szechuan Pepper - Organic, Whole, Asian Spice



- A product of Mortar and Petal by CynCraft

- Organic, Kosher

- Uses: Culinary, Potpourri, Ritual

Szechuan Pepper, or Zanthoxylum Bungeanum, is also known as Chinese pepper, flower pepper, Japanese pepper, aniseed pepper, Sprice pepper, Chinese prickly-ash, Fagara, sansho, Nepal pepper, Indonesian lemon pepper, Dehydrated Prickly Ash (some of these names refer to specific species within the Zanthoxylum genus).

Although not technically a pepper, Szechuan Pepper consists of the outer pod of the fruit of an aromatic shrub or small tree native to China, and now found throughout the temperate zones of China, Japan, the Himalayas and North America.

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