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Pu'erh Loose Tea, Puerh - Organic - CynCraft

Pu'erh Loose Tea, Puerh - Organic



- A product of Mortar and Petal by CynCraft

- Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade

- Origin: China

- Contains Caffeine

This Black Pu'erh tea is hand harvested from wild and semi-wild broad leaf antique tea trees located in the Yunnan province of China. Black Pu'erh is often referred to as "cooked," as sun-dried green tea leaves are transformed through natural fermentation from a greenish-golden color to a blackish-red tone.

Pu'erh has earned a committed following amongst tea connoisseurs who regard it as a sacred relic leftover from ancient tea cultures and traditions. Black Pu'erh brews up a deep ochre red and has a rich earthy taste with notes of smoke and moss. Since it it is partially fermented, it will appeal to the senses of both the black tea lover and the green tea lover.

-Taste: Deep and earthy, with light hints of smoke and moss
-Aroma: Woodsy, of tree bark and soil, like walking in an autumnal forest
-Brewed Color: red ochre
-Instructions: one rounded teaspoon per 6-8 ounces of water, brewed for 5-6 minutes
-Servings per ounce: 18-22 six-ounce cups

This tea can be steeped twice, for double the value.

Thanks for stopping by. Sipping tea soothes the soul.

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