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Maca Root Powder - Organic, Raw - CynCraft

Maca Root Powder - Organic, Raw



- A product of Mortar and Petal by CynCraft

- Organic, Kosher, Raw

- Uses: Tea, Culinary, Incense, Potpourri, Ritual

Maca Root, or Lepidium mayenii, is often called Peruvian Ginseng.

Maca is a unique root tuber with usage dating back to the mid-15th century.

It requires very specific growing conditions, thriving only in the glaciated slopes of the Andes with a prime elevation between 12,000 and 15,000 feet above sea level.

The tubers are round in shape with a yellowish brown color. The dried powder possesses a sweet aroma, reminiscent of butterscotch.

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