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HEARTH SCENTS Premium Incense Packets - CynCraft

HEARTH SCENTS ™ Premium Incense Packets


HEARTH SCENTS Premium Incense Packet:

The packet contains about one tablespoon (14 ml, or half a fluid ounce) of ground herbs, spices, woods, and resins, with a few drops of essential oil. EVERY recipe is 100% NATURAL and smells DIVINE!

Choose from the following scents:

WARM PEACE--Traditional frankincense, myrrh, and benzoin blend warmly with peaceful sandalwood and chamomile.

GARDEN GROVE--Lovely florals swirl with the scent of cedar and vanilla, like an enchanted garden.

BRIGHT & CRISP--Fresh mints and bright, juicy citrus are accompanied by lavender and crisp frankincense and copal.

HOT & SPICY--Smoky dragon's blood resin mixed with several spices makes for a scorchingly vibrant experience!

YULETIDE--Evergreen and spice, with ancient, wafting echoes of frankincense and myrrh, will put you in a festive mood. You might even want to go caroling!

MIDNIGHT REVERIE--Like a warm, sultry summer night, this blend breathes of jasmine, vanilla, and a hint of musk.

ALL HALLOWS EVE--Pumpkin spice and frankincense blend with roots, dark wood, and a hint of candy. Trick or treat!

AUTUMN KITCHEN--Delightful scents of warm spices, savory herbs, and sweet vanilla make this blend absolutely delicious!

ENCHANTED FOREST--Take a walk through the woods, with evergreen leaves and resins, sandalwood, and oak moss.

HAPPY JOY!--Bursting with energy and happiness, this blend is a fusion of several cheery citrus notes, fragrant rose petals, and benzoin. Smile!

O PASSIONATE LOVE!--Ah, l'amour...bring on the scent of passion with this joining of passionate roses, lovely jasmine, yohimbe bark, vanilla, and spice! Ooh la la!

STARRY NIGHT--The mystical universe is captured with bright resins, cool mints, and soothing chamomile. Just lie in the grass, and look at the stars! Ahhh...

D I R E C T I O N S : You have a couple of choices in how you use this packet.

-First of all, as you can see in my pictures, you can simply place the entire, unopened packet in the embers of a fire, inside or out. Don't put it directly in the fire, or it will burn up too quickly, and you won't get to enjoy it for long. The packet, if placed correctly, should give off about 7-10 minutes of good, aromatic smoke.

-The second way that you can use this packet is by opening it up and using it bit by bit on charcoal disks, as you would with regular loose incense. It will last you quite a bit longer this way, but it's not nearly as dramatic, in my opinion. :)

***C A U T I O N*** Take care with the fires that you create. Never leave a fire unattended, and make sure it is put out completely. Some herbs, resins, and spices burn more quickly than others, so practice fire safety and common sense.

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