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Guarana Seed, Ethically Wild-Harvested - CynCraft

Guarana Seed, Ethically Wild-Harvested



- A product of Mortar and Petal by CynCraft

- Wildharvested, Kosher

- Uses: Tea, Tincture, Encapsulated, Potpourri, Ritual

Guarana Seed, or Paullinia cupana, is also known as Brazilian cocoa.

Guarana is a sprawling, shrub-like vine, a native, rain-forest evergreen in the Amazon region.

The guarana tree produces red berries with seeds that have been used like coffee in its native Brazil for centuries. When ripe, the berries split open at the end, revealing the seeds and looking similar to eyeballs.

The seeds have quite a bit of caffeine and are most often ground up to be used as an additive in multiple preparations.

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