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Centaury Herb, Organic - CynCraft

Centaury Herb, Organic



- A product of Mortar and Petal by CynCraft

- Organic, Kosher

- Uses: Tea, Encapsulated, Tincture, Ritual

Centaury, or Centaurium erythraea, is also known as Bluebottle, Bluet, Cornflower, Common Centaury, Feverwort, European Centaury, Bitter Herb, Lesser Centaury, Mad Dog's Herb, Dog Bite Herb, Stand Up and Go Away, Centre Of The Sun, Centaury Gentian, Christ's ladder, Bitter Bloom, Bitter Clover, Bitter-Rose, Centory, Chironia, Fel Terrae, Steps of Christ, Thousand Golden Leaves, and Wild Succory.

Centaury is an annual, with a yellowish, fibrous, woody root, a stiff, branching stem, and smooth and shiny leaves. The plant reaches 3 to 12 inches in height.

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