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Perfume Oil - SWEET SUMMER NATURALS Collection - 12 Beachin' Fresh Scents - CynCraft

Perfume Oil - SWEET SUMMER NATURALS Collection™ - 12 Beachin' Fresh Scents


SWEET SUMMER NATURALS Perfume Oil Collection

- A product of Green Nymph by CynCraft

- Created with Care

Summer is here! It's time to start enjoying the long, warm days and cool, balmy nights.

Experience the bliss of the season in these Premium, 100% Natural perfume oils, made with organic carrier oils (coconut and jojoba) and quality essential oils.

Celebrate Summer in 12 fun-in-the-sun scents:

SUNSHINE - sunny orange and tangerine with just a bit of warm cinnamon
LEMON-MINT - zesty lemon, mellowed by cooling mint
DREAMSICLE - the classic orange and vanilla ice cream treat!
CITRUS SPLASH - a juicy blend of five citrus fruits
MARGARITA - quenching lemon-lime, with a hint of light orange. Hold the salt.
MINT JULEP - smooth, Southern serenity!
GROOVE FEST- an earthy blend of patchouli and sandalwood. 'Tis the festival season!
CAMPING TRIP- a hint of campfire, citronella, and evergreen. Like you've been camping!
DAY HIKE- a mix of woods, from cedar to spruce, with a hint of citronella. The great outdoors!
FAIRY GARDEN- a luscious, magical floral with lavender, ylang ylang, and sweet wood.
FRESH- bright and clean, with an herbal citrus glow
ZESTY ROSE- a sultry rose scent with a hint of tangerine zing!

You can choose to purchase a 1ml sample vial or opt for a full-size 10ml roll-on bottle.

I make this oil fresh to order, so let me know if you have any ALLERGIES, special needs, or requests!

All perfume oils are VEGAN and PARABEN-FREE, with NO artificial colors or preservatives!

Ingredients in each oil will be listed on the bottle label.

Lightly shake before use, and then apply by rolling onto pulse points. The scent should last for several hours.

These perfume oils are lush and lovely. Watch out, though; you might attract elves or satyrs!

Have a Scentual Summer!

FYI: I also carry these scents in lip balm, lotion, and soy wax tarts.

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