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Perfume Oil - The MIDDLE EARTH Collection - 13 Magical, Fantasy Scents - CynCraft

Perfume Oil - The MIDDLE EARTH Collection™ - 13 Magical, Fantasy Scents


MIDDLE EARTH Perfume Oil Collection

- A product of Green Nymph by CynCraft

- Created with Care

The sagas of the Middle Earth (Midgard) have been a part of my life since my father started telling me the stories at bedtime. I have since read all of the books, myths, and legends several times, and they stand among my favorite literature.

Welcome to the MIDDLE EARTH COLLECTION, where I have attempted to capture the essence of some of my favorite fantasy characters from this magical mythos.

The Scents, thus far:

RING-BEARER (When longing for home, this scent offers comfort with its happy hearth blend of tobacco, rosemary, orange, and spice.)

WANDERING WIZARD (With his mystical feet in several realms, our wizard inspires the scents of earth, fire, and air, with sweet myrrh, cedar, sage, and smoke - a bright, magic, mage medley.)

DWARF WARRIOR (To reclaim his lost home, he will use oak and axe - a quest that sets the stage for further adventure. His earthy scent has the notes of oak, moss, smoke, vanilla, and spice - dark and deep.)

WOOD ELF (The forest elves enjoy their wine. This woodsy-spice scent brings visions of evergreen, mulled wine, and merriment - great for outdoorsy, festive types.)

DRAGON'S KEEP (The scent of dragon, in all his glory, with smoke, wood, and fire - vetiver, musky wood, and cinnamon - a strong, powerful scent)

ELF LORD (Reflecting his light and bright home, his scent starts as lemony and herbal, but settles into a sweet and earthy vanilla, oak, and moss.)

ELVEN QUEEN (The Lady of the forest is the epitome of feminine power and grace, enveloped in the magical scents of evergreen, rose-geranium, woody vanilla, and gardenia.)

ELF MAIDEN (Headstrong and beautiful, she sacrifices everything for love. Her scent is initially a passionate and heady lilac, mellows with a touch of vanilla, and is rooted in the woody, sweet earth - floral and sweet, but with deep, strong roots.)

KING TO BE (Our long-lived hero leads with strength, honor, and grace, and comes into his own. His scent starts with bright wood and spice and mellows with vanilla, settling into cedar and a hint of camp fire - manly and brave.)

KINSMAN (This unspoken hero and loyal friend never leaves his master's side. As an earth worker, his scent is filled with the scents of his garden and kitchen - herbal rosemary, fertile earth, and sweet vanilla, with a hint of sunny lemon, representing his unflagging good disposition.)

ELVEN PRINCE (Our tall, blond, blue-eyed prince of the dark wood. He's tall, handsome, sharp, and cool, and all of his attributes are represented in this scent - opening with bright and cool lemon-herbal-mint, and mellowing into sweet heartwood.)

SHIELDMAIDEN (She is bright, brave, and beautiful. Her scent captures all her facets, starting with a bright citrus, a hint of spice, and finally settling into a lovely, woody floral. She is my favorite woman character, both a hero and a healer!)

FOREST GUARDIAN (More than talking and walking trees, the Forest Guardians are ever-present in this ancient forest scent of evergreen, heartwood, and oakmoss. Wonderful for outdoorsy people!)

You can choose to purchase a 1ml sample vial or opt for a full-size 10ml roll-on bottle.

I make this oil fresh to order, so let me know if you have any ALLERGIES, special needs, or requests!

This perfume oil is handcrafted with pure ESSENTIAL OILS and Sun's Eye Pure Oils, blended with organic and/or natural carrier oils (jojoba, coconut, vitamin E).

All perfume oils are VEGAN and PARABEN-FREE, with NO artificial colors or preservatives!

Ingredients in each oil will be listed on the bottle label.

Lightly shake before use, and then apply by rolling onto pulse points. The scent should last for several hours.

These perfume oils are lush and lovely. Watch out, though; you might decide to never leave Middle Earth!

Enjoy being enveloped in heroic, fantasy majesty!

FYI: I also carry these scents in lotion.

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