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SPRINGTIDE - Nature's Wheel™ DIY Ritual Kit - Ostara, Lenctentid, Vernal Equinox, Easter - CynCraft

SPRINGTIDE - Nature's Wheel™ DIY Ritual Kit - Ostara, Lectentid, Vernal Equinox, Easter


Nature's Wheel™ SPRINGTIDE Ritual Kit

- A product of Haegtessa Hollow by CynCraft

- Simple, yet Powerful

- Uses: To celebrate the arrival of spring; Fertility and Rebirth; Life!

Springtide refers to the Vernal Equinox, the beginning of SPRING! The Spring Equinox usually falls on March 21 (September 21 in the Southern Hemisphere). The bees are buzzing, and the first flowers have arrived!

This spell kit includes everything you need to symbolically nourish your mind, body, spirit, while coming alive with the Earth's buzzing vibrations. This ritual kit can be used in your increase workings--focusing intent on love, passion, attraction, abundance, joy, success, money, etc. Whether you celebrate in wild revelry or quiet solitude, this spell kit will add a fitting facet to your magical evening.

Included in this kit:
-Virility, Fertility, Growth, and Abundance-influencing herbs and spices potpourri
-a rune-inscribed candle
-Instruction/Information Spell Scroll
-stick incense
-velvet pouch
-blank parchment paper

Everything is fittingly blessed, anointed, and enclosed in a reusable craft box and tied with satin ribbon. It makes a lovely gift for yourself or someone else.

Great for any ritual that invites fertility, growth and abundance.

Another popular name for this holiday is Ostara. According to Bede and Grimm, Eostre was the name of a Germanic goddess of spring, and the namesake of the Easter holiday. Trivia: The date for Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. The symbols of eggs and hares refer to the fertility and abundance on the horizon!

This time is also called Lenctentid, from Old English, in reference to the "lengthening" days of Spring Time, and it is from where the word "lent" is derived.

Whatever you call it, this festival celebrates the Earth's rebirth after winter--a promise of fertility and fruit. This is a time to celebrate growth and future promise, a time to work on increasing the prosperity of the mind, body, or spirit. It is a time to bask in the strengthening sun and make plans. The world is alive, and so are you! Enjoy it, and grab at adventure! Make your dreams a reality!

I make these kits to order, so if you want me to add any special elements or use any specifics when creating and blessing, please email me.

*NOTE: Depending on supplies, the ribbon color and the herbal blend might differ from the picture, but rest assured, the colors and blend included in this kit will be associated with spring and have an historical reputation for invoking renewal and growth, charged with the purpose of inspiring fertility and abundance.

*All herbs, spices, and flowers are grown organically or respectfully gathered from the wild. All of the components of this kit are biodegradable, reusable, compostable, or recyclable. The box itself is made from 100% recycled material. When you have completed this ritual, please reuse or recycle whatever remains. Thank you!

*C A U T I O N: Take care with the flames that you create. The candle and incense should be burned in appropriate containers and never left unattended.

*This item is sold as a curio, for esoteric purposes only.

Thank you, and may you have a splendid spring!

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