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RUNIC CANDLE BLESSING, Personalized - Inscribed Runes - Candle Craft Magic Ritual - CynCraft

RUNIC CANDLE BLESSING™ - Personalized - Inscribed Runes - Candle Craft Magic Ritual



- A product of Haegtessa Hollow by CynCraft

- Simple, yet Powerful

- Uses: For Sabbat, Esbat, Blot Rites, Baby Naming, Blessing, Altar Work

This Runic Candle Blessing kit consists of one (1) white, 5-inch, rune-inscribed candle, wrapped with empowered herbs and embellished with a bow and tag.

The candle will be inscribed with the Runes necessary to your personal needs/situation. Email me as to your specific requirements. Whether the Runic Candle Blessing is for a baby naming, a birthday, or to promote and inspire Protection, Love, Money, Well-Being, Happiness, Peace, Banishing, Binding, etc. into your rites and workings, I will create what you need.

The candle, although simple in its design, is beautifully luminescent. It burns cleanly, for at least four hours, with little to no wax run-off.

The Runes I use are from the alphabet known as the Elder Futhark, but I will sometimes include other ancient, powerful symbols from other cultures, if inspired to do so.

CAUTION: Do not leave flames unattended.

--Rune History--

Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet used for writing, divination, and magic. They were used throughout northern Europe, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Iceland. The runes were made of straight lines to make the characters suitable for cutting into wood or stone.

Old runic inscriptions have even been found in North America, supporting stories that the Vikings arrived in the Americas long before Columbus.

No one knows exactly how old the runes are. Rune-like symbols appear as cave markings as early as the late Bronze Age (circa 1300 BCE), and they are mentioned in the Bible, but their use in ritual and as an Oracle for consultation must certainly pre-date their use as a system of writing.

The fact that the runes were each given meaningful names confirms that they had some magical or religious significance to their users long before they emerged as an alphabet for records and messages.

The word "rune" itself comes from the old Norse word "runa," meaning a secret or mystery, and it seems likely that the early rune casters were considered to have some magic or mystic power in their understanding of the runes.

According to Norse Mythology, Odin, the Norse High God of the Aesir, hung from the world tree, Yggdrasil, impaled on his own spear for nine days and nights in order to gain the knowledge of runes. When the runes appeared below him, he reached down and took them up, and the runic knowledge gave him power. He later passed on this knowledge to the Vanir goddess Freya. She, in turn, taught him the magic of seidr. Heimdall, the god who guarded the Rainbow Bridge, taught the runes to mankind.

This item is sold as a curio, for esoteric purposes only.

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