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Perfume Oil - LES MISERABLES Collection - Romantic and Revolutionary - Ten Scents - CynCraft

Perfume Oil - LES MISERABLES Collection™ - Romantic and Revolutionary - Ten Scents


LES MISERABLES Perfume Oil Collection

- A product of Green Nymph by CynCraft

- Created with Care

Inspired by Victor Hugo's masterpiece, I am pleased to present my Les Miserables Perfume Oil Collection!

For this collection, I have attempted to capture the essence of some of the main characters from this beautiful story.

The players (thus far):

VALJEAN--Having spent most of his life imprisoned or on the run, Jean Valjean, our strong, penitent hero, is represented in an earthy and vibrant blend of cedar, oakmoss, evergreen, and a touch of spice.

JAVERT--Never stopping, never compromising, Javert's scent is as pure and true as his unflagging sense of right and wrong. You will love this blend of lemongrass, heartwood, patchouli, and vanilla.

BISHOP--The epitome of forgiveness and grace, the Bishop of Digne, Myriel Bienvenu, starts Valjean on his path to redemption. He is represented by the sacred scents of frankincense, sweet myrrh, and sandalwood.

FANTINE--Cosette's lovely and tragic mother dreamed of a better world and makes the ultimate sacrifice for her daughter's survival. Her scent hints of hopes for better times with whispers of peaches, rose-geranium and orange blossoms.

LOVELY LADIES--Ah, the red light district, where the ladies of the night are ever-alluring with the scents of spice, musk, ylang ylang, and lilac.

COSETTE--Our sweet little lark is captured in the romantic blend of honeysuckle, orange blossoms, rosewood, and berries. This scent will transport you to a place in the clouds.

EPONINE--Who would think that this unselfish, romantic, tragic heroine could possibly be the daughter of the raunchy Thenardiers?! She sacrifices everything for love and friendship and is represented by the scents of citrus, ginger, jasmine, and a touch of almond.

MARIUS--A romantic, young college student, Marius is the object of affection for both Cosette and Eponine. With his feet on the ground and his head in the clouds, his scent is both earthy and lofty with a blend of citrus, ravensara, and cedar.

ENJOLRAS--An idealistic young revolutionary, Enjolras leads the ill-fated rebels at the barricade. His scent is reminiscent of long nights of plotting in the tavern, with vetiver, vanilla, and spice.

GAVROCHE--Sweet and street-wise, Gavroche might be a scrappy street urchin, but he's a hero nonetheless. His sweet and tangy scent is a blend of cherry, vanilla, sandalwood, and citrus.

You can choose to purchase a 1ml sample vial or opt for a full-size 10ml roll-on bottle.

I make this oil fresh to order, so let me know if you have any ALLERGIES, special needs, or requests!

This perfume oil is handcrafted with pure ESSENTIAL OILS and Sun's Eye Pure Oils, blended with organic and/or natural carrier oils (jojoba, coconut, vitamin E).

All perfume oils are VEGAN and PARABEN-FREE, with NO artificial colors or preservatives!

Ingredients in each oil will be listed on the bottle label.

Lightly shake before use, and then apply by rolling onto pulse points. The scent should last for several hours.

These perfume oils are lush and lovely. Watch out, though; you might decide to burst into song!

FYI: I also carry these scents in lotion.

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