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MADAME GREY Artisan Tea Blend, Organic

MADAME GREY Artisan Tea Blend, Organic



- A product of Mortar and Petal by CynCraft

- Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade

- Origin: Sri Lanka, India, and Various

- Contains Caffeine

Enjoy this floral, hearty black tea as a wonderful morning beverage. This is the classic Earl Grey, but French, blended with rose petals and jasmine flowers. Especially lovely with milk, honey, or sugar. A great alternative to coffee.

Madame Grey is an exceptionally rich black tea, with a complementary pinch of bergamot orange oil and mellowed with two beautiful flowers, giving birth to a feminine, French-inspired beverage.

-Taste: brisk and smooth, with an orange, floral finish
-Aroma: lively, energetic, with citrus and floral notes
-Brewed Color: deep amber
-Instructions: one rounded teaspoon per 6-8 ounces of water, brewed for 3-4 minutes
-Servings per package: 12-15 six-ounce cups (Double if you steep twice)

This tea can be steeped twice, for double the value.

Thanks for stopping by. Sipping tea soothes the soul.

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