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NORDIC HEARTH Organic Arabica Coffee - Medium Dark Roast - CynCraft

NORDIC HEARTH Organic Arabica Coffee - Medium Dark Roast


Nordic Hearth Organic Coffee :

Rich and Robust - Perfect for Fika, Hygge - Viking Brew.

Did you know that the Nordic Countries drink more coffee than anywhere else? Finland is #1, followed by Norway, Iceland, Denmark, (The Netherlands), and Sweden. The five Nordic countries are in the top six spots. Obviously, they know and appreciate good coffee. The US is #26, just for comparison purposes.

A 100% Arabica blend, this Medium-Dark Roast is so rich and satisfying. It invokes a comforting hearth and misty fjords. In fact, I staged the coffee beans to be in the shape of the "kenaz" rune, as some of its various interpretations are: hearth, fire, and energy--perfect for this robust brew.

You will receive your selected amount of Nordic Hearth organic coffee, freshly sealed in a zip-lock, valved coffee pouch, embellished with a bow and a tag.

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